Sleepright – night guard for teeth grinding


Typical dental guards require boiling water and biting into hot plastic for fitting. SleepRight does not.
With SleepRight’s patented self-adjust dental night guard technology, you have two bitepads that comfortably fit between your upper and lower molars to re-establish your natural freeway space.

The bitepads have four positions, making it easy to customize the fit for all sizes. They adjust forward for a smaller fit and backward for a larger fit, as well as swivel to match the angle of all bites.
SleepRight exclusively features a flexible, heat sensitive band that is positioned between your lower lip, teeth and gums, and uses your body’s temperature to quickly adapt to each individual’s anatomy.

The SleepRight Dental Guard utilizes natural tissue retention between your lips, cheek, and tongue to be held in place. There are no clasps that attach to your teeth and you do not use your teeth to hold the appliance in place.

  • No boiling required to fit
  • Self-adjust technology
  • fits all sizes
  • Prevents teeth grinding and clenching
  • Mouth guard for sleep and designed by a specialist in dentistry
  • 16-years of proven success
  • #1 brand prescribed by dental professionals
  • Free of BPA and Latex