Laser treatment

We have experience working with the WaterLase IPlus, Epic X and AMD Picasso lasers, which are highly recognized by dentists around the world as one of the most suitable and practical.
We use lasers in our everyday work to:

Reduce gum pocket and alveolar infection with laser treatment                                                                                                                                           .

  • Release wisdom teeth from gums.
  • Tongue and lip tie surgeries.
  • If necessary, we create a gum line for prostheses works.

All laser procedures heal faster and in the end leave no traces of the completed processes.

Laser is especially irreplaceable in case of all more important procedures performed in the gum pockets, because processing gum pockets with a laser gives better treatment results in the end. At the same time, already up to 5 appointments are sufficient.

Please find the price of Laser treatment HERE