Periodontology or gum treatment

Use of laser in modern gum treatment.

There are basically two types of lasers in dentistry today – the diode laser and the YrCr:YSGG laser. A laser can be used to treat some dental problems. Some situations where laser dentistry may be beneficial include:

  • Gingivitis and periodontitis.

The laser can be used to treat gum diseases such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (gum tissue and jaw disease). Laser radiation can disinfect gum tissue and treat bacteria, helping inflammation and promoting healthy tissue healing. Certainly, the laser does not replace mechanical cleaning such as the removal of harder deposits (tartar and pigmentation), therefore, before starting the laser procedure, the doctor performs a mechanical cleaning, which consists of the usual ultrasound cleaning, air-flow cleaning and polishing the teeth with proven pastes.

  • Cleaning gum pockets.

In case of periodontitis, “gum pockets – depressions in the jaw around the tooth – depth of the pocket on probing more than 5 mm” can occur, where bacteria (infection) and granulation tissue accumulate. Before the laser, the doctor performs a mechanical cleaning of the gum pocket – tissue is properly cleaned from the gum pocket with hand instruments (gum pocket curettage). Afterwards, these pockets can be cleaned and disinfected with a laser, and laser biostimulation can be performed, contributing to better, faster and less painful gum healing. In special cases, when the gum pockets are very deep, 8-10mm, we can also use biostimulating gels (Eg. Emdogain gel – Straumann), which promotes the regeneration of tooth tissue.

  • Surgical procedures.

Lasers can be used for various surgical procedures and operations, such as the removal of gingival growth, which often occurs with chronic gingivitis or periodontitis, or the resection of gingival tissue, the hypertrophy of the gums that can result from wearing orthodontic appliances or dentures.

  • Preparation for implantation.

Before placing the implant, the laser can be used to prepare the gum tissue – to perform gingivoplasty, cheekbone resection to ensure healthy and developed implants around.

The advantages of laser dentistry for gum treatment are usually less bleeding, less discomfort, and faster healing compared to traditional surgery. At the same time, it is important to remember that each manager is unique and the dentist always evaluates individually which treatment method is most suitable for the patient.

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